The Evolution of the dna

Dr. Todd has developed this Pineal TonesTM sound technique for over a decade and it plays in integral role in his teachings on DNA and epigenetics. Since Watson and Crick discovered the 3 dimensional structure of DNA the double helix has become a cultural icon. Three generations hence, our understanding of this molecule continues to grow. And with every step of learning, so builds our potential to overcome the apparent limitations of our biology.

While DNA is a linear information code, or a blueprint, living DNA has a complex, supercoiled stricter that emanates electromagnetic (EM) fields as part of its deep functional construct. The discovery that human DNA is a closed loop and that its central core is superconducting gives the DNA coil antenna-like attributes with a capacity to transmit and received information through vibrational fields and EM switches.

The state of DNA and how it is working for you can be enhanced and shifted through natural chemistry, through codes delivered through light and through patterns of tonal sounds. Recent work in epigenetics shows that changes in how we eat, meditate or even think can flip internal switches and change the expression of the code. This change is so powerful it can be transmitted to our offspring.

You will be taken though a journey of images and geometry to understand the core patterns. Then you will learn how you can shift your mind and lifestyle to enhance the expression of your personal code.

Patterns of nutrition, advanced light technologies, and the science of sound will also be shared as tools to your optimum self-expression. A method known as the Pineal Toning Technique will be shared which is a way you can produce sound that influences your DNA positively. Creating deep, altered states, the tones can be sung individually or in pairs. Biological studies in plants have shown that the beneficial effects of these patterns reach and even exceed the effects of playing Mozart.

Through an immersion in information and experience, the program is intended to take your understanding an access to a deeper level. This workshop is a celebration of the art and magic of the life code giving you advanced understanding to have a greater ability to direct your own destiny.

  • Complementary water and unlimited fruit served for the entire duration of the 2-day event.

Lemurian Quantum Choir Chamonix

After You complete Todd’s Budapest event, You will be qualified to take part in the next Quantum Choir event in
Chamonix, France 19-21. May 2017.



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