Anders Holte

Anders Holte was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark and is known today as a singer, composer and sound channel. But that's not how it all started out.
His singing career began as the leadsinger of the Danish rock-pop band “Paris Paris”. After some time as a singer Anders felt a yearning to further educate himself musically. He chose to study classical music at the Royal Danish Academy Of Music and graduated as a classical singer, voice teacher and choir conductor.
He sang with The Royal Danish Opera Choir, The Danish Radio Choir and toured the world with the distinguished accapella ensemble “Musica Ficta”. And yet… over time he felt increasingly unfulfilled only performing classical music, which contains much beauty and power, but essentially expresses the consciousness of centuries ago. 
And so he quit his prestigious jobs, moved away from Denmark, and entered a new phase in his life in the unknown. Instead of only performing the music of others he now began to allow his own music to take shape, following his intuition. This very personal process soon lead to the release of Anders’ first CD "Lemurian Home Coming" and several albums since then. 
In the meantime "Lemurian Home Coming" is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide. His last two albums “Dream Of The Blue Whale” and “My World” are co-productions with his partner Cacina Meadu. 
Today Anders Holte is internationally known for his unique interdimensional music. His Tonal Sound Music as well as his uplifting songs and lyrics speak to people of all ages and cultures. This music is being used successfully for deep inner connection, meditation and healings of all kinds. 
In 2011 Anders was invited by American author and world renowned channeler Lee Carroll for the first time to sing at one of his conferences. Since then he has been travelling with Lee every year and is regularly performing at Kryon events and excursions throughout Europe. 
Together Anders and Cacina offer concerts, workshops and other events. In 2017 they were invited for the first time to give concerts and workshops about sound and consciousness in Taiwan, and they will return to China and Taiwan for an extended tour in 2018.
Anders Holte’s albums and music downloads here :
Anders about himself and his music: 
“I’ve been a singer long before I was aware of it. My first memories of other people being touched by my singing were already as a boy. To me songs are stories in music, and I love to tell stories. Yet pure sound allows me to be ‘mindless’. Nothing ‘to explain’ at all. In these moments my singing becomes my prayer, and I find myself in a timeless state of being. 
Since I started to let my own music come through me, my perception of what music can be has expanded considerably. This new kind of music all began with my first album called “Lemurian Home Coming”. Since I intuitively started creating my first “Lemurian Tones” the very sound itself has become increasingly important to me and calls for a whole different kind of presence.. both for me when I create the music and for those listening. In fact, the music shifts from being a performance act to creating a field of united consciousness. And we all become One in that moment.
In terms of my musical background I actually come from a strictly classical educational environment where there is a very strong emphasis on practical skill. Today I still agree to the importance of being good at your craft, but most important is the inner connection. 
When we are in touch with our own essence we can share those deepest aspects of our human existence.
In those moments the music becomes a powerful synergy of sound, consciousness and intent. For the singer as well as the audience the result is often a mutual experience of connecting with something bigger than our mere physical lives, triggered by a resonance in the sound of the music itself. And being alive becomes "larger than life”. 
The result goes beyond merely shifting a mood. The music becomes a doorway to other levels of perception, reminding us of something within that many of us have forgotten. Music can open us to new dimensions in our consciousness .. often it is carried within the very sound itself, connecting us with Who we really are. 
So, for me music and especially singing is much more than entertainment. Actually I always felt that way, but only after creating my own music I have become truly aware of this. Music is an alchemy of components that can touch a deeper part of us. A part that is essential to our well-being. 
Still today I love to just immerse myself in music, playing and singing just because it feels so good. For me the tones and the sound are a doorway to a more expanded state of mind. It is my way of connecting with the part of me that knows all is well and that life is supposed to feel good.