“The Music Of Home”

Live concert with singer/sound-channel Anders Holte and Cacina Meadu



Something within us remembers this sound. It’s a feeling…, it’s a space…, it’s Who we really are. Anders’ music is deeply moving and immediately touches our essence. The very sound of his voice connects us to a timeless origin we all share. It takes you Home.

Join Anders and his partner Cacina for an evening of magic and music.

Location: 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 5.
Date: 2018. November 23. Friday 7.00PM-9.30PM
Ticket Price: 9.900Ft


“The Sound Of Consciousness"
- Voice, Sound and Music with Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu

As an Old Soul - the work with tone and sound is very familiar to you. It is stored in your Akash. Many have memories of Lemuria when we all were gathering in circles aligning our sound. We would sing the same tones in such a way, that first our voices would harmonize together.. and ultimately our consciousness would meld completely and we would become One.

Date: 2018. November 24-25 10.00-18.00

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